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About Building Homes With Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

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  1. SIPs INDUSTRIES (4 Sep 17) This is a business based in Australia. They have a nice website with much information about SIPs and their company.

    ►Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology is the building technology of the future. A strong, affordable and environmentally responsible building material, SIPs have been utilized successfully for commercial buildings and houses, worldwide, for more than 50 years. Known particularly for its strength, versatility and outstanding insulation properties, SIPs construction is one of the fastest growing home building systems globally, and SIPs Industries is proud to be an Australian SIPs floor panel, roof panel and wall panel manufacturer. SIPs Industries is Australia's leading and multi-awarded SIPs manufacturer. We manufacture and supply Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) to the home and commercial building industries, Australia wide. We provide customers with energy efficient and sustainable building solutions; with a focus on delivering optimum quality combined with extremely fast build times. Rob Vis and Fraser Stewart established the wholly Australian owned and operated company in 2009, and since then SIPs Industries has steadily grown to a staff of 16, based at our manufacturing facility in Fremantle. Contact us on (08) 9494 2211 or email to find out how SIPs Industries can help you build your SIPs home or commercial building.◄
  2. The Class Mates SHELTER INSTITUTE (30 Jun 17) This business offers training in building personal homes and cabins. They also have training and lessons with building using SIP construction among other building practices.

    ►Structural Insulated Panel Construction. Think. Build. Live. Shelter is committed to working with our clients to create effective homes. We offer fine woodworking tools, Design Build services, real estate, and accredited classes in homebuilding. At Shelter, we have been evolving durable, adaptable, energy-conscious building techniques since 1974. It's standard practice for us to enclose our timber frames with structural insulated panels (SIPs) because they offer the most effective building envelope. We've been building with R-Control panels for 25 years. Their inherent strength makes them an excellent choice for highly efficient and economical structures. Our sales and design team can offer additional information on pricing, durability, and construction methods. Read more about SIP construction on the Shelter Build blog.◄
  3. Cottage TIMBER FRAME COTTAGE (30 Jun 17) This is a sample from the website "Tiny House Blog" which of course specializes in small homes or cabins. About the cabin on the right which can use SIP panels: It is a "24ftx24ft Hennin Post & Beam Cottage - Plans by Shelter Institute. Perfect for a vacation cottage or for the full timer living the small house and less is more life style. If your considering a super-insulated timberframe that reflects your lifestyle and goals. Simple Recipes Shelter Institute is an ideal place to start planning for a new timber frame. Pricing for the 24ftx24ft Hennin Post & Beam Cottage starts at: $15,985."

    ►My name is Kent Griswold and I have developed this blog because of my love of small spaces. I have always dreamed of having a cabin and have done research over the years. Tiny houses have also become an interest to me in the last few years and I have combined my interest in both of these to publish this blog. The Tiny House Blog was established in May of 2007. The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin. I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs, to yurts to modern and the unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity. I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small. I want to encourage feedback and ideas to make this an informative blog. Stories of people who are living this dream. Pictures of tiny houses and cabins, etc. My goal is to publish daily if possible. Thank you for sharing in this experience with me.◄
  4. Comparing SIPS with Panelized Construction ENERGY SMART PANELS   In the past i have sometimes wondered if a person could build panels using 2x4 or 2x6 lumber attached to 1/2in or 5/8in sheeting in a warehouse and then transport the panels to the home site and finish construction. Well, here is a company that does just that. They offer panelized construction as well as SIP panel construction. I did not realize that SIPs needed a frame system to provide more strength to the over-all building. SIPs could probably work fine with a small cabin by themselves i suppose, but larger structures need frame support. It might be a good idea to fill the void in a panelized panel with something like styrofoam sheeting as insulation rather than using that fiberglass insulation (Glass Wool) used in millions of homes nowadays. Picture on the right compares SIP with Panel construction. ►What are SIPS made out of? Basically, a SIP is like an ice cream sandwich. There is a foam core that is sandwiched between two orient strand boards. R values range anywhere from R16-R54+. They are commonly used with timber frame and post and beam due to the structural integrity the timber frame provides and the energy performance the SIPS provide. A SIPs only home can be achieved without the support of timber framing, however, SIPs do tend to need additional structural framing to go with the panels and may include, glulam, steel, LVL'S and floor framing for additional support. If you are building a conventional style home, but want it built quicker on-site, then panelized is a great option! If you would like to feature full timber framing or would like optimal energy performance, we recommend SIPS. Or, lastly, if you intend to build a hybrid home, you can feature timber frame, SIPS and panelized construction. The three construction methods can work very well together with a hybrid design!◄
  5. Two Story house on piles SIPLOCK FOREVER   They seem to specialize in "Energy-Zero Multi-Story Building Systems". Some people are inventing different types of SIP systems, this is another one. The basic SIP panel is lending itself to all kinds of very nice innovations, especially where connectivity is concerned. Picture on the right is of one of their two story homes built on piles/poles.

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    ►SIPLOCK Forever is a sales engineering company providing for the construction of Net Zero Energy & Green, dried-in shell buildings, supplied by SIPLOCK Panel Systems. Peter J Bauer, SIPLOCK Forever CEO, has recently completed a SIPLOCK building shell on LI, NY. The 4 Beverly project is a three level waterfront home designed to replace a home destroyed by hurricane Sandy in 2013. Working in conjunction with the building owner and SIPLOCK Panel Systems the building shell was put up and dried-in during a seven-day period, in May of 2014. A key component of the building shell is its steel I-beam and SIP construction system, offered by SIPLOCK Panel Systems. Visit: SIPLOCK Panel Systems has developed a unique connector clip assembly to fasten the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) between structural steel I-beam columns (framing members). The framing members, SIP and connector clips are engineered as a "Mass Wall" and "Mass Roof" assembly. The assembly, when attached to concrete piers and a slab foundation becomes a monolithic structure. The building can be designed to withstand CAT 5 and Tornado force winds.◄
  6. Winterfeld Cabin STRUCTALL   This is a quality listing sent to me by a man named "Dirk" in Florida. This a nice website with lots of product information including pictures of some of their structures built in the past. They feature small homes up to much larger commercial buildings. The picture on the right is of their "Winterfeld" model home on poles.

    ►Structall Building Systems offers a complete line of structural insulated panels (SIPs) perfect for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Panels are comprised of various components: Including aluminum, steel, oriented strand board (OSB), and polystyrene foam. The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel, our most requested panel, has an expanded polystyrene foam core with aluminum or steel exterior skins. Duramax Portable Generator The skins are rolled to form a unique locking system that snaps together quickly and easily. The foam is routed to form a continuous foam interface which makes the panel extremely energy efficient. The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel also has its own structural integrity. A wide variety of building materials including shingles and vinyl siding can be applied directly to the exterior of the panel; however the baked enamel finish makes this step purely cosmetic. There is no long term inconvenience; most structures can be erected in as little as a day with a small crew. The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel is just the beginning in a complete line of energy-efficient building panels. Panels are available 1in to 8in thick, up to 32ft long and in 23-1/8in or 48in widths. All panels adapt easily to a variety of floor plans and offers a wide range of design flexibility and usages including homes, in-plant offices, freestanding units, restaurants, industrial storage units, condominium carport facilities and loading zone canopies. Several quality control check points assure that the highest degree of factory tolerances for alignment, lamination, and finish quality will be maintained. Service Centers are located in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Delivery is available via our fleet of trucks within the Southeastern and Midwest United States. Containerized shipments to the nearest port of choice and common carrier shipments are also available.◄
  7. A Small SIP Panel House BUILDING A SMALL SIP PANEL HOUSE   Here is a nice little video showing the construction of a small cabin using SIPs. It does not show the final result but still has a lot of stuff displayed which may help you to build your own small SIP cabin. Click the top PDF Download button under article title for a little plan/pictures showing some panel work.

    ►I just finished building a 32 sq/m prefabricated SIP panel house in only 3 days. It took us (3 males) a week to prepare all 37 panels needed for the project. We shipped the panels and some tools to the construction site with a small pickup truck. The video shows everything we did, but it is important to have good panels and a plan. You can download this plan with all panel sizes, their beams, windows and doors.◄

  8. Portable SIP Cabin ISOPHONIX   This is a website i have had in storage for a long time. It seems to have been posted on around Oct 2007. It has not been updated since then. As far as i can tell, a person can use SIP panels for building something as small as a dog house to any large building. This group of people sought to supply portable SIP buildings for re-location around the world. I think this is really a neat idea, but by the looks of their website it never got off the ground. So, some of you visitors to this website may be able to glean some useful ideas from their website.

    ►Welcome to ISOphonix. ISOphonix is a supplier of Architecture, Design and Building services using Structural Insulation Panels (SIPs). ISOphonix is member of Artecoop. ISOphonix in cooperation with ArteCOOP present the ISOform Hexome sustainable shelter and modular housing solution, using a new emission free Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs). The ISOform Hexome is modular format for housing and shelter using a natural honeycomb design principal. The basic building material is the ISOphonix SIP, built into ISOform Hex units. These units are then combined and stacked in any number of ways to form shelters, houses, communal buildings, even entire communities and towns. The ISOform Hex unit has been designed specifically for application within third world countries to enhance general living standards, and to provide a mechanism for fast deployment in times of emergency, war and natural disasters; lightweight flat-pack design, modular implementation, ease of construction, cost, re-use and re-location are of primary concern. ISOforms are earthquake-proof, bullet-proof, water-proof, and heat-proof (i.e. reflects the suns heat during the day, and retains heat during the night). The expected life-span is anticipated to be in excess of 60 years depending on treatment, utilization and environmental conditions. ISOphonix SIPs meet all current international standards and ecological initiatives, including the the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols; no Ozone Depleting Potential, no Global Warming Potential. They are pre-fabricated and factory engineered prior to distribution and can be constructed in a matter of hours or days (depending on scale) by easily trained construction workers. The lightweight design, and modular construction allows for easy re-use and re-location, ideal for temporary and semi-permanent encampments. The modular Hex format promotes re-use and community living, whilst providing significant economies through shared walling and resources (water + electricity) when grouped into small communities and village configurations. The basic ISOform Hex unit has a 7.2m diameter footprint, with options for access doorways and various window configurations. The modular design allows the ISOform to be increased in size by addition of more SIP panels, or by grouping into larger complex structures. ISOforms can also be stacked upto four stories high where real estate is at a premium. The roof design acts as a water collection reservoir that feeds into an optional bio-water purification system and storage tank. Electricity can be provided with the addition of other combined solar/wind systems providing a completely autonomous solution. For information and inquiries please contact or call David Carry on +357 99 854 814.◄
  9. Building With SIPs BUILD WITH SIPS   Here is a nice 4 page Mother Earth News article on building with SIPs. It is written By David Wright August/September 2011. My unprofessional opinion is that building with SIP panels will probably overtake other forms of building in the future. SIPs does it all: Insulation, sound dampening, fast set-up, low cost.

    ►As an architect, I've been using structural insulated panels (SIPs) since 1992, when they were relatively new. Since then, I've designed several hundred residential and commercial projects using SIPs. In my opinion, they are superior to conventional framing systems in almost every way — SIPs are simply better insulated, stronger and faster to build with than standard stick-frame construction. SIPs also help conserve forest resources, because they produce almost no waste. As worldwide timber quality and availability continue to decline and the costs of labor and energy increase, SIP construction should become more popular and cost-effective. I predict that in the next 10 years, the USA construction industry will adopt SIPs as the system of choice . . .◄
  10. House Plan 341004 SIPS SOLUTIONS   This business manufactures it's own SIP panels. They are based in the state of Oklahoma. By the looks of their website this is a full service company - they do it all, from manufacturing to installation. They have a series of floor plans available - some are fairly small homes. Picture on the right is of the smallest home i could find on their website: A 1101 SF single level home named "House Plan 341004".

    ►Our vision is to deliver a one of a kind experience to our customers with our in house and networked services. SIPS Solutions believes in today's business climate, WE have to bring more to the table because our customers demand more. SIPS Solutions has embraced the latest construction technology to provide our customers with the best product with the greatest value and return on their investment. We embrace green building technology because it makes sense, both financially and environmentally. A SIPS structure is simply stronger, more comfortable, cheaper to maintain and build and saves energy. Why would you consider any other building option? SIPS Solutions is much more than a traditional construction company, we believe in providing complete solutions for our customers. Our scope includes construction management, manufacturing development, housing program development, structural insulated panel sales, design / engineering services, consulting and much more. We deliver where it counts before, during and after construction. See for yourself the SIPS Solutions difference.◄
  11. Colony Timberframe Home CROCKETT ULTRA-R SIP ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES   This companies main product is building log cabin homes, but i guess they have branched out into SIP homes. Picture on the right is of their "Colony Timberframe Home" built using SIPs.

    ►When you are building a new home you want to make sure that it is built with the best energy efficient materials available. Whether you are interested in keeping your heating and cooling costs down for monetary or eco-friendly reasons — or both — SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are the best choice for your new home or addition. A Crockett Ultra-R SIP energy efficient home, unlike traditional stick frame home construction, has its insulation built right in . . . Which reduces thermal breaks and creates a "tight" home. Heat and cool air stay in when you want it; air and moisture from the outside are less likely to penetrate inside the home. SIP energy efficient homes are also quieter and cleaner than homes constructed from stick frames. Our "green" SIP wall and roof panels have been extensively tested by nationally recognized laboratories and have been proven to meet or exceed all structural and fire code regulations. Choose a Crockett Ultra-R SIP energy efficient home with R-24.3 walls and R-38 roof, and be assured that you are about to move into an affordable and highly energy-efficient house that will save you money in energy bills for years to come. Not only will R-Control SIPs create significant energy savings, they are also heavyweights against the destructive agents of mold, mildew, and termites.◄
  12. SIPs in Two Story House Application JUST SIPS   Here is an Australian company specializing in the manufacture of SIP panels. They claim that a two story house can be built in under 4 months using their SIP panel system. They have an online installation guide for their product. Their panels can be used to build very small livable structures, like the size of a typical bedroom. Nice.

    ►JUST SIPS have engineered an environmentally sustainable, structural insulated panel utilizing a combination of new generation technology and light weight materials to achieve an incomparable building system with the benefits of strength, cost effectiveness, quality and construction efficiency. Just Sips panel are lightweight, weatherproof, highly impact resistant and designed to withstand earthquakes and cyclonic conditions. The modular system can be erected quickly and easily with minimal semi-skilled labor. Large scale projects can be manufactured to specification in our state-of-the-art facilities and flat packed for transport faster and more economically than conventional building materials. Versatile. The Just Sips system allows design freedom ensuring that superior housing can be provided in virtually any configuration. On-site costs are considerably lower. There is minimal construction waste. Eliminates wet trades, electrical and plumbing can be completed very quickly. No need for expensive crane hire as the panels can be easily lifted into position. Reduced or nil costs for scaffolding. Noise pollution reduced significantly. Savings on shipping/ transportation costs. Durable & easy to maintain. The outer skins are extremely durable. During manufacture the panels are laminated to the cellular thermoset core under pressure for superior bond strength. The finished product is highly robust and resilient to harsh weather conditions. Green & energy efficient. Just Sips panels have excellent thermal properties resulting in lower energy costs. This relates to lower carbon/greenhouse gas emissions. Just Sips are suitable for: Residential Housing Project Developments, Remote Indigenous Housing, Relocatable Housing & Mine Site Accommodation. Just Sips are pre-manufactured in the following three standards sizes: 1.2 m x 2.4 m, 1.2 m x 2.7 m, & 1.2 m x 3.0 m. External finishes that are easily applied (but not limited to) include: - Cement rendering & textured coatings - Corrugated sheet metal, Colorbond - Brick, tiles, stone & limestone cladding - PVC & aluminium cladding - Timber & plywood. Just Sips accommodate all traditional roofing styles and materials. Just Sips fully comply with the Building Codes of Australia requirements for minimum R Values. Just Sips has been tested to Australian Fire Standard AS1530.3.◄
  13. Wisconsin Home EXTREME PANEL TECHNOLOGIES   SIPs Done Right! That's what they say. Most of their projects appear to me to be standard residential & commercial housing, no tiny cabins or small homes. Picture on the right is of their "Wisconsin" home.

    ►Extreme Panel Technologies' structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide a level of strength, simplicity and efficiency no other building method can offer. Framing with high performance SIPs provides the perfect solution to any green structure - a well insulated building envelope! Roofs, Walls & Floors built with Extreme SIPs help reduce energy costs by up to 50-60%, minimize your carbon footprint, and provide a healthier interior environment. Read on to learn more about Extreme SIPs! We at Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. began manufacturing structural insulated panels in a 500 SF shop in 1992. Because of a growing demand for our product, we built a 10,000 SF manufacturing plant and office in 1994. Since then we have added another 51,000 SF to incorporate a fully automated laminating press to manufacture 8ft x 24ft jumbo panels. To obtain the highest quality of finished products, a computer- operated CNC machine was installed in 2008. Co-owner and CEO Terry Dieken, recently has focused his efforts to research and develop new products to compliment SIPs, increase awareness of SIPs and continue to automate the plant as the market dictates. Terry is a past President of the Structural Insulated Panel Association, SIPA Board. ~Terry & Linda Dieken, Owners◄
  14. Midway Prefab Cottage Kit GREEN COTTAGE KITS   This business specializes in making Prefab Cottage House Kits using SIP Panels. Picture on the right is of their "Midway Prefab Cottage Kit". They also have links to Solar equipment, Composting Toilets, Rainwater Collection Systems, Appliances, & some Farm Tools. This website linked to here does not seem to be maintained too well, but i have had it up for a long time on another one of my websites, but it really should be listed here.

    ►Copeland Casati founded Green Modern Kits in 2006. Although a modern enthusiast, she grew up (and her parents still reside) in a home built in 1801. A Virginia native, she appreciates old farmhouses, Victorian brownstones, colonial and happy, yes, exuberantly happy cottage architecture. With the success of Green Modern Kits, she began receiving overwhelming requests to provide a solution for traditional enthusiasts . . . Hence, Green Cottage Kits. Because modern IS timeless. And here, traditional. The housing crisis and concern over our earth propelled her to gather green building architects to help other people achieve home ownership; to invest in structures they can not just afford, but adore.◄
  15. Stack of Ray-Core SIP Panels RAY-CORE INC   This company has something a bit different to offer in the way of SIPs. Their product is different in that they do not glue the foam to the OSB board, the foam is installed between a framework of studs and then the OSB board is fastened to the SIPs after the panels are set-up in place. As they say: "Don't trust OSB glued to foam. Put your trust in time tested proven methods". Actually, their method is probably the best way to install SIPs panels. Of coarse i don't really know because i have never worked with this type of panel system, but it looks really good to me. Keep in mind that Ray-Core panels are usable in large homes as well as tiny houses. Be sure to visit their blog because it has a lot of cool pictures of homes which have been built using their panels.

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    ►Ahead of his time and before "green" was the buzzword, Harry conceived and developed RAY-CORE panels in 1987. RAY-CORE offers the most innovative, unique and structurally sound structural insulated panels (SIP) designed in the industry, by manufacturing SIPs with studs molded directly into the panels. Because of the high R-values of RAY-CORE panels, along with the tightness of their joints, savings in energy costs are significant over the life of the structure. Studies show that owners can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs every year. RAY-CORE is a profitable and rapidly growing corporation. RAY-CORE has become an international company with orders shipping throughout the US, including Hawaii, and to countries such as Canada, Africa, and China. In a time when all SIPs are using glue, EPS foam, and OSB; RAY-CORE stands out as a leader using reliable structural members and advanced polyurethane technology to deliver the uncontested leader in the structural insulated panel industry. RAY-CORE SIPs Are Easy to use (Do-It-Yourself Friendly). Exceeds or meets all codes. Affordable (on avg. only $1500.00 more than fiberglass). Extremely lightweight. Decrease your utility bills up to 40%. With benefits like these. Its no surprise RAY-CORE was business of the year in 2011.◄
  16. 16X22ft Cabin Package SIP BUILT HOMES   Nice thing about this company to me anyway is that they offer small or cabin packages: As small as 16X22 FT. I think they use "Intercept Panels" or are a dealer. They are located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

    ►The Enercept panelized super-insulated building system is an exciting concept, offering maximum energy efficiency and comfort to the homeowner. This concept is truly a complete system since it offers basement panels, above grade wall panels, roof panels, and support beams in one complete package. The superior insulation quality of EPS combined with energy saving construction techniques results in the most cost effective building system today. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are formed from expanded polystyrene (EPS) laminated between oriented strand board (OSB). SIPs provide a fast, simple exterior framing system saving you time and money. The insulation and sheathing in SIPs bond to form a virtual I-beam of strength, protecting your home and family from weather conditions. Each panel is custom built for your specific home. Structural Insulated panels are a good way to build energy efficient homes and are at least twice as strong as other homes.◄

  17. Unfinished SIP home SIP HOME SYSTEMS   Lots of information here for those of you thinking about building something using SIP panels. I think this business is located somewhere near Grass Valley, CA. This would be up in Northern California. Their website presents a lot of information about their services offered in regards to organizing a building project, they do not seem to sell material directly from their site. They specialize in providing customers with design ideas, engineering, & home packages.

    ►SIP Home Systems is a provider of professional design and value engineering as well as a SIP & Kit home material supplier. Our TDHD™ SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) are energy-efficient, 100% recyclable with no job site waste ending up in landfills. We specialize in blending green products and materials that will provide the return on YOUR investment. You can build Green and smart without costing more than 2-5% over conventional construction. Virtually all styles of houses can be built using structural insulated panels - from traditional homes to timber frame and log homes. Structural Insulated Panels for New Home and Commercial Building Construction. SIP Panel buildings are 66% more energy efficient than standard frame construction. 2-1/2 times stronger than standard building materials. Cuts framing time by 2/3rds. Stronger and straighter. Better building systems. Our Corporate offices, located in Grass Valley, California, serve the greater Western United States. We have over 130 years combined experience in state of the art construction practices and business management. We are dedicated to partnering with you during any stage of this process. Contact Us to learn more about TDHD™ SIP panels, Design Services, Project Management and more.◄
  18. Prairie Panels PRAIRIE PANELS   This Saskatoon, Canada business has several different unrelated items for sale, and one of them is SIP panels. I have used a picture from their site showing their SIP panels because the SIP homes they display do not show SIP construction. Their website is not very big, but there is a lot of good information anyway.

    ►Prairie Panels was the first company to construct a SIP Home in Saskatoon. We are excited to work with you to design your Energy Smart SIP Home or Building. Whether you are looking to have us do the complete project from start to finish, or only a partial build (completing the shell of the building to the lock-up stage) we are ready and willing to work with you! We build only with SIP manufactured with SIPSTECH Systems and Technology, and use only Canadian Manufactured Panels. A SIP home is clean and fresh. It is air-tight due to the method in which the structural insulated panels lock out the risk of moulds and mildews growing behind walls and contaminating the indoor air. Outside air simply cannot get in. This ability to self-insulate translates into savings both for energy consumption as well as size of equipment needed to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. To ensure a fresh and abundant supply of healthy indoor air into a SIP home, an air-to-air exchanger system is usually in the home's heating and cooling systems.◄
  19. SIP SUPPLY   This business has a nice website which presents their products very well. Lots of good stuff here, they offer things like - home kits, SIP consulting, SIP plans & engineering, panel prototypes, emergency shelters, garage & home plans for sale.
    Picture on the right is of their 857 SF model SIP KIT: B007; a 2 bedroom, 1 bath (kit home) from their affordable B-Series line.

    ►SIP Supply, LLC is a polyurethane (PUR) panel technology patent holder for high-quality structural insulated panels and owns the premium brand, Greenix®. They serve the residential and commercial construction industry, government and military sectors. They have been working with SIPs since 2003 and have 35+ years of professional construction experience. SIP Supply is a SIP technology holder (through our purchase of Insulated Component Structures, Inc. in 2007) and a leading manufacturer for top of the line Polyurethane-Core Structural Insulated Panels. SIP Supply's specialty is fulfilling large volume orders by utilizing their network of high-production manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, Minnesota and California, and they are price competitive for even single dwelling projects. Product include Wood Polyurethane Panels, Metal Polyurethane Panels and Greenix Homes SIP Kits.◄
  20. New Frontier Online NEW FRONTIER BUILDING SYSTEMS   Unfortunately, their website is messed up or perhaps not finished and the home page is missing and some other pages, but there is still enough material to show their nice projects. I hope these people can sell their kits, because they seem to have a good plan. Picture on the right is of their "Boston" model (576 SF), i think. "Perfect for hunting cabins, builder offices or a cozy getaway, our latest kit offering provides all of the benefits New Frontier SIPs offer in an incredibly simple and affordable package."

    ►Follow the links below to find the stock kits and prices we are currently offering. In addition, we can work with any set of custom plans you may have. All of our floor plans are designed to eliminate the interior load-bearing walls. This means you are free to design the interior however you wish. In addition, our kits come with vaulted ceilings standard, so even the smallest structures seem spacious and impressive. Combined with the inherent energy, labor and strength benefits of structural insulated panel framing technologies, these kits provide the greatest value possible in building today. Click links for answers to frequently asked questions about our SIP kits, and to see more pictures of completed structures.◄
  21. SIP Panels on truck THERMACORE   They like to use Polyurethane instead of Polystyrene in their panels.

    ►Thermocore Panel Systems was founded in 1995 under the principle of "there has to be a better way to make panels". Thermocore set out with the aid of a very talented engineer to develop a new and revolutionary structural panel. Thermocore asked builders and architects how panels could be improved and then toured many of the existing panel plants. It was determined that none of the current manufacturing techniques could produce a panel that would offer the many improvements that builders were asking for. Thermocore developed its own manufacturing techniques, combining the best raw materials available with a unique manufacturing technique. The results are nothing less than revolutionary. Thermocore broke the mold and developed the world's first pre-configured/pre-engineered panel system. Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels are manufactured utilizing the highest quality polyurethane foam sandwiched between two sheets of 7/16in oriented strain board (OSB). Thermocore utilizes a unique manufacturing process that allows for the manufacturing of completely custom panels without creating waste at our plant or at your jobsite. This unique process also allows Thermocore to place all the dimension lumber in your panels as well as all the electrical components before the panels are shipped to your job site. Thermocore panels will allow you to build faster, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, Thermocore panels allow you to build the most energy-efficient home on the planet. Imagine a building product so advanced that not only will it cut down on your build time, but will also pay you back every day with significant energy savings. No other building product used in the construction of your house can return as much to you as panels! Thermocore Panel Systems is the only panel manufacturer to offer panels complete with window and door openings in place and framed with 2X4 wood bucks, as well as all electrical components including electrical boxes and conduit. All panels are cut through the use of CNC machining, assuring each panel is made to your exact specifications. In addition, each panel is thoroughly examined with an infrared camera after it is manufactured to assure each panel's energy efficiency. Then and only then does each panel receive a final inspection stamp and is ready to ship to your job site. Thermocore has advanced panels even further by introducing the industry's first 4in thick pre-configured panel. This unique panel allows you to use standard window jambs when you finish your interior with drywall. All this comes with an industry leading R-24 insulating value. Thermocores 4" panel is easily the best value for your building dollar. Energy smart, ecologically friendly, and the highest R value per inch in the world . . . Thermocore panels are the smart choice for your new home.◄
  22. Jeep on SIP House ENERCEPT   I guess these SIP panels are so strong you don't need to build a garage for your car or jeep - just park your vehicle on the roof like this one man did after running out of cash (too much diet soda!).

    ►Save 40% to 60% on your home heating and cooling costs - FOREVER - when you build green with energy efficient Enercept Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Building a new home is something you've been planning and dreaming about for years. You've probably flipped through a hundred different building magazines - looking for the perfect floor plan, the perfect light fixtures, the perfect bath fixtures, the perfect countertop, the perfect decorating and so on. But what about building the perfect exterior framing? How much thought have you given to the structure that will protect you, your possessions, and especially your family? How much thought have you given to building a home that is more energy efficient and 2 1/2 times stronger than a stick framed building. SIPs are super energy efficient building panels for walls, roofs and floors. Enercept panels are made using expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid foam insulation laminated between oriented strand board (OSB). The result is a very strong, predictable, highly energy efficient framing system. SIPs are used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. You will also see SIPs referred to as sandwich panels. SIPs are assembled using the same tip-up method used in concrete tilt-up panel construction.◄
  23. Steel Panel Construction STEEL PANEL CONSTRUCTION   The main thing about using SIPs with steel panels is that it gives additional strength for use in hurricane prone areas of the world. If you want a home built like a Sherman Tank, then this is the way to go: SIP Steel Panel construction will give you improved hurricane resistance, no termites ever, superior energy efficiency, non-combustible meeting/exceeding all Shop Printer Ink industry safety standards, extremely quiet indoor environment, perfectly straight and plumb walls/ceilings regardless of length, & cost competitive with traditional construction.

    ►Steel SIP's are engineered panels made from a dense core of EPS (expanded polystyrene) sandwiched between two exterior layers of galvanized steel, resulting in a solid one-piece that provides structural framing, insulation, and exterior sheathing. The 4ft wide interlocking panels are strong, and easy to handle. The technique of sandwiching a foam core between casing has been used in refrigeration technology for decades. Many screen room additions and carports have been built using these panels. What is relatively new is their acceptance and approval as a material suitable for home construction in the construction industry. SIP's systems are now recognized by all major code organizations and have received the highest seismic rating available from California. With today's new technologies, builders can make better choices. SIP is structurally superior to metal and wood framing methods currently available in the market and significantly easier to install.◄
  24. R-Tight Panels R-TIGHT PANEL   This business is located in Jeffersonville, Vermont. It appears that their system is most compatible with the "Timberframe" style of construction. They have good examples on their website.

    ►SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are a high tech laminate of different building materials. Essentially, SIPs are a sandwich of an insulated foam core with exterior faces made of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or drywall. The first SIPs were used way back in 1952, when Architect Alden Dow (related to the Dow Chemical Company founder) started designing SIP homes. These homes are still lived in today. More recently, many important, high tech innovations have occurred to make SIPs even more reliable and environmentally friendly. R-Tight® Panel has a written guarantee on our panels, and we stand 100% behind our products.◄
  25. Thermapanel THERMASAVE BUILDING SYSTEMS   Lots of information on this website and good pictures also of their system.

    ►ThermaSAVE is the manufacturer of a totally new building system that outperforms nearly every other construction method used today. It consists of laminated building panels called ThermaSAVE panels, manufactured under rigid control and testing procedures. Consisting of an inner and outer skin and a core of super-insulating expanded polystyrene (EPS) glued together with a special high-strength glue and dried under extreme pressure, the result is a stressed-skin panel that has amazing capabilities. The inner and outer skins can be of a variety of materials that can form the inner and outer finish or act as an underlayment for the final surface. The result is a single panel that has amazing strength, durability and thermal efficiency. With the patented spline connection system, the 4ft wide panels join together to build walls, floors and roofs that are lightweight yet can withstand high wind loads and the twisting and flexing that slowly deteriorate conventional buildings.◄
  26. SIP Panel Use FOAM LAMINATES OF VERMONT   Very good website with lots of explanation about Insulated Foam Panels.

    ►Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are a sandwich assembly consisting of a lightweight EPS (expanded polystyrene) core glued between two sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The lamination process is performed under carefully controlled conditions, insuring a quality product. The panels create a system which provides high load bearing capabilities, exceptional insulation, and an uninterrupted wall surface, all in one. The system is designed to be mounted over timber framing or can be used as a standalone product. Either way, SIPs form an uninterrupted insulating blanket with an R-value much greater than that of conventional walls with fiberglass insulation. An EPS core has been selected because of it strength and low rate of heat transfer. In addition, polystyrene is an inert non-formaldehyde, moisture and mildew resistant material that can withstand temperature cycling. Our panels can be used as roofs, floors, and walls for residential and commercial buildings. SIPs from Foam Laminates are strong, durable, and can easily support the necessary load and strain of a two story building. With their high insulating value, our panels can withstand the harshest elements of a northern climate all the while keeping the occupants comfortable and safe. If you are a builder, architect, or an individual building your own home, we encourage you to consider the advantages of the most energy efficient insulating system available: Structural Insulated Panels by Foam Laminates of Vermont; A product so green, it's even in our name.◄
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